The Hype of Vegan Food

Whether you are a savant, novice, or gluten for new things; vegan food can be an exhilarating experience for YOU. Eating is a very personal experience. Let us face it, we are the only ones who control what goes in our mouths, or are we? Maybe we are influenced by our friends or our family to eat better foods or healthier foods? That is quite the possibility as well. But every person has a unique physical makeup and therefore desires different foods in many different variations than others. Let me put it this way; what is good or healthy for one, may not be for another. Example: as I write this I can say I honestly try and eat vegan 90% of my meals while my husband is a total and complete meat eater. One way is not the best for both of us.

Below are three of the best vegan spots I have had the personal pleasure of visiting:


Technically they are in Dallas, but so close to Garland I need to make sure to include them! Why? Because they have AMAZING vegan food! Everything is wonderful here; however, I need to stress upon you the importance of trying the tofu wrap. It is life changing! Now, do not go in expecting the grand treatment; you will not get it. They are all about food and getting yours to you, fast. They are not big on customer service. Just a heads up.

TLC Vegan Kitchen 

I have been here several times, and I love it! Now my non-vegan husband…he has tried it as well…and he LOVES IT too! That says a lot! I love the impossible cheesy lasagna they offer as well as the chicken fried steak dinner. Now they offer vegan pizza too! So, I have another reason to go back!

Lahla’s Plant Kitchen

There were two menu items here that I would travel back for days if I could. Chicken fried mushroom over a bed of mashed potatoes and these arancini balls! The arancini balls were so good we ordered a second order! It did help that the staff was amazing and answered a ton of questions from my friends who are non-vegans.


This is only 3 vegan restaurants in the area; there are many more that are fantastic as well. If you are a vegan or just curious; try them out! Make sure to take pictures and share them with us!


Until Next Time Fellow Foodies:



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