Let’s Talk Steak, Baby!

There are so many ways to have a steak cooked.

There is “well done”, “medium well”, “medium”, “medium rare”, and the always debatable “rare”.

But what do these mean?

  • Well Done: the steak will be a grayish-brown color with no sign of pink on the inside once it is cut. It might also have a slight char on the outside. Cooking a well-done steak without crossing the bridge into burnt can be a challenge, even for the best chef.
  • Medium Well: the steak will have mainly a gray or brown coloration throughout; however, there may still be a slight hint of pink inside. The steak will be juicy when it is cut into, but it will not have a bloodied appearance.
  • Medium: the steak will have a solid clear band of a pinkish hue in the middle of the steak. On a medium-cooked steak, there will still be more gray or brown than pink.
  • Medium Rare: the steak will feel firm on the outside, to the touch; however, it will be soft and very juicy on the inside. This is the steak that will be mostly pink to red in the center, with a less gray or brown coloration.
  • Rare: this steak will be nearly comparable to raw meat, while only being cooked on the outside. The meat will be cool or warm with a red and bloodied center.

Now, let us take a tour of three local restaurants that take the art of preparing and serving a steak very seriously.

TLC on the Lake

This restaurant is on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard and uses an all-natural source-verified Akaushi Wagyu Beef. They offer boneless ribeye, filet, cowboy filet, skipper filet, and the cowboy skipper filet. That is not all! They also offer prime rib on Saturday and Sunday!

Main Street Café

This restaurant is centrally located right in downtown Garland and offers a 16-ounce black Angus ribeye that is grilled and served with the most luxurious Parmesan mashed potatoes, along with a choice of your own side dish.

Buffalo Bill’s Good Eats

This restaurant is conveniently located on Dalrock right in the heart of Rowlett and offers 6-ounce rosemary and garlic center-cut tenderloin or a 14-ounce boneless ribeye with sautéed portobello mushrooms.

After You Eat Your Steak

Whether you enjoy a steak at one of the three restaurants that were mentioned above or at a different restaurant please share your experiences with the community.

Simply check out our Facebook Page! We would love to hear from every Garland Foodie out there who is enjoying their experiences with food!


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