Do Not be Afraid to Evaluate the Food

?Is everything properly cooked? (Are sauces curdled? Is pasta overdone?)

?When you take your first bite, what is your immediate reaction?

?Are the flavors balanced? (This question is appropriate with all styles of cooking, whether the secondary ingredients are meant to complement or contrast the main ingredient)?

?Are the flavors bright and integrated? (No dish, even a long-cooked item, should be dull or flat.)

?Is the dish what it should be? (Even if you don’t like liver, for example, you still need to know the good from the bad).

?How does this dish compare to similar dishes you’ve had at other restaurants?

?If the dish is exciting, what is it that makes it so? If it’s mediocre, why?

?Check your attitude, once again: Are you sure it’s the food that’s the problem, or are you in a bad mood or frustrated by poor service?

?Is the food worth the price?

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